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Join us for an evening of fun, networking and laughs!  Find out who is the "Best of" in our AREA!  Our venue will be the fabulous Annex Event and Performance Center in Chaffee. There will be grazing stations, cigar bar presented by Buffalo Cigar and of course AWARDS!!!  Gala attaire is optional (there may be a prize for the Best Dressed) and of course lots of opportunities for marketing your business.  Everyone is welcome!  Tickets pricing will be announced soon.

About the event

Winners will be awarded at the ....


Presented by...



Date: November 2nd, 2023
Time: To be determined

The Annex
12139 Olean Rd
Chaffee, NY 14030

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Best of the Arcade Area Rules

  1.  Votes can only be made by completing the online form at  All voting entries must have voter’s completed information, or the votes will not be counted.
  2. There is only One vote per category per person.  Winners are chosen by people who fill out the online voting ballot.  We will track IP addresses, if more than one person wants to vote within your household, they may not use the same computer, tablet, phone or shared network.
  3. Nominees do not have to be Chamber Members, can do business (or work for non-business-related categories) with the Arcade Area or have an active Arcade Area Chamber Membership.  We verify all participants via the Business License database, social media, and registered website.  All votes must be received no later than October 20, 2023.
  4. If a business is caught “Stuffing Ballots,” breaking one of our security measures, and submitting multiple ballots with the voting focus on the same business and or businesses, the software automatically flags these incidents, and they are scrubbed from the final list.  We have aa responsibility to the businesses that participate in providing a fair and accurate voting process that ensures that no one abuses the integrity of the online competition.
  5. The Best of the Arcade AREA facilitators reserve the right to remove any business that has entered the competition incorrectly or has used marketing materials, badges, language, or behavior that is not in line with the competition.  Participants who violate the rules will receive a written warning about the incident.
  6. By participating in The Best of the Arcade AREA, you grant us permission to use your business name, likeness, and or image for use in our marketing and promotional material related to the competition and/or party.  All Best of the Arcade AREA competition results are held privately by the Arcade AREA Chamber of Commerce.
  7. Winners will be announced at the Best of Gala, at the Annex in Chaffee, NY on 11/2/23.  Winners will receive a certificate and other promotional materials, and of course BRAGGING Rights.